How do you test Blazor applications with Playwright, both locally and in GitHub actions?

The problem

There is a lot of minor problems you might run into if you want to test Blazor applications with Playwright:

  • How do you public and then run your Blazor WebAssembly application and in the background with GitHub Actions?
  • How do you emulate mobile devices?
  • How do you get a trace if a test fails?
  • How do you debug a test?
  • How do you test with different browser?

The solution

None of the mentioned problems might not be practically hard, but it takes time to get every detail right. So, I created this demo project: BlazorPlaywright.


I’m using this approach to run some test on a game that I created last year. It is running in Blazor Webassembly, and it took some time for me to get everything setup correctly. I hope someone finds this useful.