I recently decided to use Polly in a project. Polly is a solution to make it ease to implement retry logic in an application. It is a really nice framework. But when using in with dependency injection I thought that something was missing. This ended up me creating my first public NuGet packet.

The problem

When you are using Polly you often should make sure that the services you are using are recreated for each attempt. If not, you are reusing your objects for each time your logic is executed. This could make your logic behave differently the second time it is executed. For instance, if you have a DbContext it is not good if you have things in the ChangeTracker.

You could solve this by creating objects with an IServiceScopeFactory instance. It is not that hard to too. The problem comes when you want to create a unit test for this logic. There is a lot of things you may need to mock.

The solution

My solution was to create PolicyScope. With PolicyScope you will define which policy and which services you want to use in a fluent framework. It makes the code compact and easy to read. There is also a NuGet packet designed for mocking this service. This makes it easy to create unit tests.

If you want to try it, have a look on the GitHub repository.


I learned a lot of doing this. Since I decided to have this on GitHub, just like most other projects like this, I dig into GitHub actions to make it compile, test and even publish to NuGet when wanted. I also learned some about NuGet, since this is my first public NuGet package. Maybe I create some more someday :-)