This is the easy way to add build information, such as build time, branch, commit ID, etc., into your application!

The problem

In my previous post I showed how you can add build information to your application with Github actions. This works just fine, but there is some work to do to get this working.

The solution

My new solution is the source generator BuildInformationGenerator. It is so much easier to setup! You just create a class with the BuildInformation attribute, and defines which information you want.

[BuildInformation(AddBuildTime = true, AddGitCommit = true)]
partial class MyBuildInformation


And then you can use it:

Console.WriteLine($"Build time: {MyBuildInformation.BuildTime}");
Console.WriteLine($"Commit id: {MyBuildInformation.Git.CommitId}");

You can add more properties, like git branch, .NET SDK version and more. This works on your local machine, Github Action, Azure DevOps and a lot more I assume.


Creating this was both fun and challenging. I have not created source generators before, so I learned a lot. Generating the code is quite straightforward, but the infrastructure is not.

I spent time optimizing performance because a source generator can be executed on every keystroke in Visual Studio, so it needs to be fast. Depending on the information required, my source generator might start processes to gather data. In my testing this does not seem to big performance issue, but to be sure I fake values by default in debug mode.