.NET 6 preview has been out for a while, and I decided to give it a go. New compiler warnings have been introduced and I wanted to find and fix this early. But I also wanted to easily go back to .NET 5.

The problem

There is good documentation how to update to .NET 6. Most of the work is in the project files. Changing TargetFramework is easy. But finding and upgrading all nuget packages references is a lot harder. And if you have a large solution with multiple projects, you could quite some time just on this step. Visual Studio could help you update all NuGet packages in a solution. But it is a bit slow. Also, there is no easy way to roll back.

The solution

My solution was to create a PowerShell script to that finds all project files and then makes all necessary changes. And them make another script that does this in reverse. They are available here:



Creating scripts like this is always fun. I think it covers most scenarios, but you might need to tweak it a bit to fit your solution.

The scripts mostly contain of find-and-replace code. Creating this code was a bit tricky. How it was done in detail you find in the comments of the scripts. Basically I look up all Microsoft.* and System.* packages on NuGet.org and then filter out which are relevant.