If you are working with Logic apps in Azure you might have run into problems if you want to use an escape sequence - they are simply not supported. I had problems with this when I wanted to replace all line breaks in a string with spaces. This is annoying, but there is a workaround.

decodeUriComponent is used to decode percent encoded strings which is commonly used in query strings. It is less convenient, but it could be used as a replacement for escape sequences. In fact, you could use it to produce any string you want.

In my case I wanted to replace Windows line breaks in a string and I had this function:

replace('variables('myvariable')', '\r\n', ' ')

Clearly this does not since escape sequences are not supported. So instead I wrote this:

replace('variables('myvariable')', decodeUriComponent('%0A%0D'), ' ')

It worked just fine! Here is a small table of some common escape sequences:

Characters Escape sequence Percent-encoded
Tab \t %09
Linux line break \n %0D
Windows line break \r\n %0A%0D
Quote \” %22
None-breaking space N/A %C2%A0

Strings that are used in query string are normally converted first to UTF-8 before they get percent-encoded, that is why characters above 127 are converted to two or more bytes.

If you are looking for other characters urlencoder.org might be useful.